Blockchain for Europe joins Paris Call for Trust and Stability in Cyberspace


Blockchain for Europe is proud to announce that it is endorsing the Paris Call for Trust and Stability in Cyberspace (Paris Call) in support of a more peaceful cyberspace that is based on norms. The Paris Call is a multi-stakeholder effort of governments, companies and civil society.  It was launched on 12 November 2018 by French President Emmanuel Macron.

Supporters of the Paris call commit themselves to work together on 9 cybersecurity principles, including protecting individuals, infrastructure and the internet, defend electoral processes and intellectual property, non-proliferation, lifecycle security, cyber hygiene, no private hack back and promoting the international norms of behavior in cyberspace.

The blockchain industry relies heavily on the internet infrastructure.  A trusted cyberspace where all actors act based on norms is crucial for the success of our technology.

We therefore look forward to cooperating with the internet ecosystem, governments, and civil society to advance the objectives of the Paris Call and hope others will also join this effort!