Blockchain for Europe Summit 2023

26.09.2023 - 27.09.2023
Hybrid (Brussels, online)

The Blockchain for Europe Summit is back for its 5th anniversary!

Get ready for the prime blockchain policy summit happening on 26-27 September 2023! You can either join us in Brussels, at the Claridge Events venue, or tune in online.

For the fifth year in a row we are bringing together experts and representatives from the EU institutions, academia, as well as industry players who are shaping the future of blockchain. 

Two days packed with insightful discussions and networking opportunities, diving into hot topics like the future of MiCA and the AML Package, as well as exploring the world of DeFi and smart contracts. This year, we will be placing a strong emphasis on global regulatory coordination as well as on sustainability and the social impact of blockchain, with distinguished guests and invitees coming from all over the world.

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You can also view last year's Summit Sessions

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08:30 - 18:30

DAY 1 – 26 September 2023

09:15 - 09:30

Opening Remarks & Keynote Speech

09:30 - 10:10

The MiCA aftermath – An overview

Moderator: Robert Kopitsch

Secretary General, Blockchain for Europe


Anne Chamberod

Legal Prudential Advisor, National Bank of Belgium (NBB)

Elisabeth Noble

Senior Policy Advisor, European Banking Authority

Caroline Malcolm

Vice President of Global Public Policy, Chainalysis
10:10 - 10:50

MiCA RTS and how to ensure regulatory certainty

Moderator: Francesco Paolo Patti

Founder, Blockchain Lawyers Group


Katie Harries

Director of International Policy, Coinbase

Julien Nivot

Policy Officer - Market and Digital Innovation Department, ESMA

Andrew Whitworth

Policy Director for EMEA, Ripple
11:00 - 11:40

The AML aftermath – Did Europe get everything right?

Moderator: Isabella Chase

Senior Policy Advisor, TRM Labs


Claude Bocqueraz

Deputy Head of Unit "Financial Crime D2", DG FISMA, European Commission

Peter Grosskopf

Co-founder and Chief Technology Officer, Unstoppable Finance

Charlotte Meyer

Government Affairs and Policy, Binance
11:40 - 12:05

DAOs or should we call them DACs?

Moderator: Tommaso Astazi

Head of Regulatory Affairs, Blockchain for Europe


Daniel Schoenberger

Chief Legal Officer, Web3 Foundation

Joachim Schwerin

Principal Economist, DG GROW, European Commission
12:15 - 12:40

Putting Web3 at the Heart of the Next Commission Agenda – Coinbase

Hosted by: Coinbase


Moderator: Jack Schickler

Regulatory Reporter, CoinDesk


Tom Duff Gordon

Vice President International Policy, Coinbase
12:40 - 13:20

Global Regulatory Collaboration in the Age of Digital Assets

Moderator: Stefan Kromolicki

Legal Officer, Blockchain for Europe


Lisa Cameron MP

Member, UK Parliament

Jan Ceyssens

Head of Unit for Digital Finance, DG FISMA, European Commission

Beata Sivak

Government Relations & Policy, Europe, Kraken

Ian Taylor

Vice Chair of IDAXA, Board Advisor (former Executive Director) of Crypto UK
13:20 - 14:30

Lunch break

14:30 - 14:55

Banking On-Chain – Scallop

Hosted by: Scallop


Moderator: Jimmie Franklin

Senior Journalist, VIXIO


Raj Bagadi

Founder & CEO, Scallop
14:55 - 15:35

CBDCs & Stablecoins – The evolution of money is finally happening!?

Moderator: Jannah Patchay

Director at Markets Evolution, Executive Director at Digital Pound Foundation


Gabriel Bizama

International Policy Lead, Stellar Development Foundation

Patrick Hansen

Director, EU Strategy & Policy, Circle

Jesse McWaters

SVP Global Head of Regulatory Advocacy, Mastercard
15:35 - 16:00

The convergence of TradFi and DeFi

Moderator: Jack Schickler

Regulatory Reporter, CoinDesk


Stephanie Hurry

Head of Institutional Sales, Crypto Finance Group

Michael Lie

Head of Digital Asset Trading, Flow Traders
16:10 - 16:50

Tokenising real-world assets – Steps toward a token economy

Moderator: Dimitrios Psarrakis

Co-Founder and President, Brussels Council


Gonçalo Carriço

Head of Digital policy, Banco Santander

Wee Ming Choon

Deputy General Counsel, Ava Labs

Scott Thiel

Hedera Board Member, Founder and Managing Director of TOKO
16:50 - 17:15

Blockchain for Trade – Perspectives from beyond Europe

Moderator: Lavan Thasarathakumar

Senior Advisor, Digital Assets and Blockchain Practice - Hogan Lovells, Director of Government and Regulatory Affairs, GBBC Digital Finance


Thomas Dünser

Office for Financial Market Innovation and Digitalisation, Principality of Liechtenstein

Peter Knez

Chairman, Venom Foundation
17:15 - 17:40

Developing a Sustainability Focused Blockchain – Cardano Foundation

Hosted by: Cardano Foundation


Moderator: Inbar Preiss

Journalist, DL News


Frederik Gregaard

CEO, Cardano Foundation
17:40 - 19:00

Web3 Wisdom Mixology – an Owl Explains Happy Hour

08:30 - 18:30

DAY 2 – 27 September 2023

09:00 - 09:15

Keynote speech


Pearse O’Donohue

DG CONNECT - European Commission, Director for the Future Networks Directorate
09:15 - 09:55

DeFi Regulation – What is next?

Moderator: Robert Kopitsch

Secretary General, Blockchain for Europe


Peter Kerstens

Senior Advisor to Director-General (Co-Head of FinTech Taskforce), DG FISMA, European Commission

Olivier Brochand

Senior policy officer, Innovation and Digital Finance Division, AMF

Jon Isaksen

Head of Policy EMEA, Uniswap Labs
09:55 - 10:35

Taxation & Reporting – DAC8 and its implications

Moderator: Stephen Gardner

Freelance Correspondent, Bloomberg Tax


Max Bernt

Chief Legal Officer, Blockpit

Luis Calvo-Parra Martínez

Official, DG TAXUD

Philip Kerfs

Head of the Unit - Centre for Tax Policy and Administration, OECD
10:45 - 11:10

Keeping DeFi Safe – TRM Labs

Hosted by: TRM Labs


Moderator: Jack Schickler

Regulatory Reporter, CoinDesk


Ari Redbord

Head of Legal and Governmental Affairs, TRM Labs
11:10 - 11:50

Global Regulatory Collaboration: What is Next?

Moderator: Mark Foster

EU Policy Lead, Crypto Council for Innovation


Jon Isaksen

Head of Policy EMEA, Uniswap Labs

Maha Al-Saadi

Director Compliance and Regulatory Affairs, Bankhaus Scheich

Oliver Sigrist

Adviser, Bank of International Settlement - Innovation Hub
12:00 - 12:40

How zero knowledge proof (ZKP) can truly ensure pseudonomity

Moderator: Gian M. Volpicelli

Technology Reporter, Politico


Dino Cataldo Dell’Accio

Chief Information Officer, United Nations Joint Staff Pension Fund

Jonathan Knoll


Dylan Kugler

Director, Mina Foundation
12:40 - 13:20

DeFi Use Cases – dApps for the future

Moderator: Marina Markezic

Co-Founder & Executive Director, European Crypto Initiative


Katja Gilman

Senior Lead, Public Policy, Polygon Labs

Jonathan Rackoff

VP, Head of Global Policy, The HBAR Association

Liba Vosahlikova

Chief Operating Officer, RockawayX
13:20 - 14:20

Lunch break

14:20 - 14:45

Digital Asset Recovery – BSV Association

Hosted by: BSV Association


Moderator: Dimitrios Psarrakis

Co-Founder and President, Brussels Council


Marcin Zarakowski

Executive Committee Member, BSV Association
14:45 - 15:10

Smart Contracts – Legal recognition and enforceability of smart contracts

Moderator: Erwin Voloder

Head of Policy, European Blockchain Association


Jordan Maris

Parliamentary Assistant to MEP Karen Melchior, European Parliament

Kurt Opsahl

Associate General Counsel for Cybersecurity and Civil Liberties Policy, Filecoin Foundation

Aditya Raj

Senior Technology Consultant, Fujitsu
15:10 - 15:50

The role of sustainability in assessing the utility of blockchains

Moderator: Tommaso Astazi

Head of Regulatory Affairs, Blockchain for Europe


Emmanuelle Maire

Head of Unit - Circular Economy, Sustainable Production & Consumption ENV.B.1, DG ENV, European Commission

Patrick Prinz

Public Affairs Director EU, BSV Association

Edward Wethered

Co-Founder and CIO, Calligraphy Digital
16:00 - 16:40

Supporting the UN’s SD Goals – The social impact of blockchain globally

Moderator: Inbar Preiss

Journalist, DL News


Dino Cataldo Dell’Accio

Chief Information Officer, United Nations Joint Staff Pension Fund

Mariana de la Roche Wills

Regulatory Affairs Manager, IOTA Foundation

Steven Haft

Co-Founder, Ethereum Sustainability Platform
16:40 - 17:20

The metaverse economy and the future of digital assets

Moderator: Gautam Kamath

Senior Advisor on International Affairs, CERRE


Rehana Schwinninger-Ladak

Head of Interactive Technologies Unit, DG CNECT, European Commission

Juliana Koza

Senior Manager Government Affairs, Qualcomm

Hugo Volz Oliveira

Secretary & co-founder, New Economy Institute
17:30 - 18:00

European Dialogue on Digital Policy


Karen Melchior

MEP - Renew Europe Group, European Parliament

Mathieu Michel

Secretary of State for Digitalisation, Government of Belgium

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